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Highlights info row image Trejos Montealegre,
Escazu Village, 2do nivel,
diagonal al I.N.S
Escazú, Costa Rica
Highlights info row image Serves Quesada, Costa Rica and nearby areas.
Highlights info row image +506 2208 8879
 Hours 11:00 – 22:00

Opened in November of 2014, we have been working for Indian restaurants since 2007.

Taste of India506 Artisan Indian Cuisine offers a wide selection of the best Indian cuisine made from the freshest ingredients. Taste of India506 Indian Cuisine Restaurant, Take-Away & Express service offers customers best experience of Indian food in Costa Rica with great tasting food.

Every item is freshly prepared, paying careful attention to the patrons choice. Each dish at Taste of India506 is prepared according to original recipes, with our Master Chef specializing in a fusion of regional foods creating unique experience.

Taste of India506 has received high marks from day one and in the last few months has built a reputation as one of the finest Indian restaurants in Costa Rica.

Restaurant offers Indian food with a variety dishes with options of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free, cooked with fresh and natural ingredients.

Our restaurant is located in Escazu, Trejos Montealegre, Escazu Village, 2do nivel, diagonal al I.N.S

Our chef work passionately to create delightful mouth-watering dishes, the use of authentic methods, indigenous spices and ingredients are key to this art, with dishes from a traditional Indian menu with firm favorites to the unusual & exotic. We know we have something for you.

We are confident that your Taste of India506 experience will be a pleasant one.

Lin Fu Panpher

Lin Fu Panpher is one of the owners of Taste of India506 and makes sure that each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients and to provide the best service to each client.

Dev Singh

Dev Singh, our sous-Chef is part of the talented team we have to offer you always wonderful dishes filled with taste and texture, very characteristic of India. 

Navin Ruwali

Navin Ruwali is a sous-chef who specializes in food from the north of India and prepares a delicious Naan. You have to ask for it!

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