Taste of India506 Costa rica is known for its impeccable service, culture and attention to detail. We ensure that our guest experience is a class apart. Select from a range of signature dishes and programmes that best fit your requirement and we will tailor fit them just for you.

We specialize not only in providing the best in class service but a variety of options for our guests to choose from. Be it a social gathering, an intimate wedding or a gala dinner, we got it all covered. Our dedicated team will take care of everything and create the ideal ambience which oozes sophistication and finesse.

Choose from:

  1. Weddings
  2. Lavish luncheons
  3. Gala Dinners
  4. Corporate get-togethers

And more!

For more information kindly drop a mail at lin@tasteofindia506.com or call at +506 2208 8979 Or Submit your Request for query below